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Vihreä Pourusmäki is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting rural sustainable development in Laitikkala. Founded in 2022, Vihreä Pourusmäki works with local communities and other stakeholders to identify and address the unique challenges faced by rural areas. Through a variety of programs, courses, lectures and initiatives, Vihreä Pourusmäki aims to support the social, and environmental sustainability of rural communities. Whether through improving access to education supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, or protecting and preserving natural resources, Vihreä Pourusmäki is committed to fostering the long-term well-being of rural communities.

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Local rural sustainable development


On of our main projects is the permaculture education center Beyond Buckthorns. At Beyond Buckthorns we host our sustainability / permaculture courses and lectures. 



Most of our courses happen with or at Beyond Buckthorns, a homestead in Laitikkala, Finland, run by Lumia and Dominik.

Courses @ Beyond Buckthorns


The PermaPuheet is an online lecture series. You can find more info at https://permapuheet.fi

Nordic Permaculture

At https://nordicpermaculture.org we aggregate news, events and places related to permaculture in the Nordic countries. 

European Permaculture Network

At https://permaculture-network.org we aggregate permaculture news, events and places from all over Europe. 


Our statutes are available for download:

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